Vasco Ceccon, designer of the National Bank of Canada logo, was honored to see the Bank’s signature and its creative journey published in Frédéric Metz’s “DESIGN?” Published last December by Éditions Flammarion. This book is an invitation to look at things differently. Frédéric Metz explains how design influences our everyday lives, often without our knowledge. To better understand the definition, it presents concrete examples drawn from our environment.

Vasco Ceccon was published in 2 other books last December.

Indeed, the book “DANS L’ASSIETTE DE L’AUTRE… AVEC FRANÇOISE KAYLER”, chronicle of an evolving Québec cuisine, by Hélène-Andrée Bizier, Editions Fides, identifies the group of people behind the Fondation Francoise Kayler, which was transformed at the time of its death, on the Bourse Françoise Kayler in 2011. Prize given by the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality of Quebec (ITHQ).

“AU GRÉ DES RENCONTRES DEPUIS 40 ANS”, is the first publication of the Montreal Ballet Jazz Company and the result of a colossal archival work. Through numerous interviews with the unavoidable actors who have shaped the BJM, Micheal Crabb invites the reader to immerse himself in the history of Montreal’s Ballets Jazz.